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Want a more sustainable home? Want your house to be planet friendly, and a bit less toxic for you and the environment?





The links below may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through it, we may receive a commission at no extra charge to you. 


Clare Paints

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The water based interior paints from Claire are zero VOC meaning they're free from toxic, carbon based solvents that are found in most other paints. VOCs are emitted as gasses and can pollute the air inside your home, and the environment. Clare is Greenguard Gold Certified guarateeing their products are tested and up to standards. Their containers, trays and liners are made from recycled materials. The paint is shipped directly to you, with shipping and packing materials made from 100% recycled paperboards. Their factory is energy efficient and treats and recycles water for use.

Ecos Paint

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Over 35 years ago, the pioneers at ECOS set out to revolutionize an industry. This was long before the paint industry started to talk about VOCs, but well after the time when concerned consumers knew about the issues chemical pollution cause. They manufacture their zero VOC non toxic paints in South Carolina, USA and you can order them here

Cair Paints from Gush

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Not only are Cair's Paints zero VOCs-they are actually, wait for it... air purifying! Catalytic reactions help to break down toxic VOCs like formaldehyde and unpleasant odours into harmless by-products such as H₂O and CO₂ keeping your interior safe from these airborne pollutants. Welcome to the future.


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When SOL organics was looking for a factory to produce their eco friendly bedding they had certain non-negotiable requirements that included third party certifications by  FLOGOTSOeko Tex and Fair Trade. That means their factory partners make a living wage, and do not employ children for labor. (Sounds obvious but it is not.) Sol organics bedding is made from 100% organic long-staple cotton, grown from non-GMO cottonseeds. You can buy both their sustainable bedding as well as their pillows and comforters here

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Buffy is on a mission to help you live comfortably, without making our planet uncomfortable. They use earth-friendly materials for their planet friendly bedding. Their signature bedding is made from e eucalyptus fiber that uses 76% less water than cotton, and no toxic pesticides. Their linen is made from camp not flax-not only does hemp absorb 5x more CO2 from the air than trees, but it’s naturally resistant to pests  promotes biodiversity, and even improves soil over time—unlike flax linen, which depletes it. The extra-long staple fibers (which range between 4-7 feet in length), makes it naturally stronger and more durable than other fabrics! Buffy also offsets all their CO2 emissions.

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